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Spending more time at home? Feeling the financial pinch of the Covid-19 pandemic? Keen to join the green revolution?

Here are our 10 home energy saving tips to help you and your family save the planet – and save you a few pennies too.

Tip 1. Check Your Insulation and Draught -Proof

The UK has some of the most leaky housing in Europe. Is your loft well insulated? Check the thickness – it’s usually fairly easy to top it up, and doing so will save £s on your fuel bills once the winter comes. Likewise take a look at how you can draught-proof your home.

Note. If you are planning to refurbish your property to make it more energy efficient or are building a new home then CLPM can advise you on how best to insulate your home- click here to find out more.

Tip 2. Review Your Heating Arrangements

Summer is a great time to review your heating arrangements. Is your home warm enough in the winter? Do you have enough hot water for your family’s needs? Do you have a way of controlling the temperature of each room, and the time your boiler switches on and off? Many of the UK’s homes have old heating systems which are inefficient and costly to run. Now’s the time to think about upgrading or updating your system in time for the colder weather. Don’t wait until winter!

Note CLPM also offer independent heating system advice and can help you choose the correct system for your needs – click here for more information. 

Tip 3. Shower Better and Faster!

Do your daughters love a hot bath? Does your son spend hours in the shower? If everyone in your family spent 3 minutes less in the shower every day you could save £20 per year per person on your energy bills – even more if you swapped to a water-efficient showerhead. Consider a hanging a clock in the bathroom to help!

Tip 4. Upgrade Your Lighting

Most light fittings can use the new-style bulbs. Exchange your old, inefficient halogen lamps with LEDs and low energy bulbs. With more of us working from home it’s a good time to check that everyone understands the importance of switching the light off when they leave the room too!

Tip 5. Consider the way you Cook

Kettles and ovens are very energy-hungry, and with more of your family working or spending more leisure time at home it probably means that your cooking-related energy bills are increasing. Make sure everyone collaborates with each other. Fill the kettle to the correct level every time, coordinate the oven cooking of meals or snacks to minimise the energy used.

Tip 6. Deal with the Dirty Dishes

Get everyone to scrape and then give their dishes a quick rinse before popping them in your dishwasher. Only start the cycle it when it’s full – and when you do, choose an eco-programme.

Tip 7. Organise Your Laundry

Likewise, now’s the time to make sure you’re washing and drying your family’s clothes efficiently. Most clothes aren’t truly dirty. They just need a quick refresh. So make sure the machine is always full when it is put on and that everyone uses short programmes at low temperatures. If you only wash a load or so a day, the washing can be left to dry outside – line drying is free, is better for your clothes and helps the environment too.

Tip 8. Think More about Chargers

Are there always phones and laptops on and charging everywhere in your house? Constantly charging them is bad for their batteries and is a waste of energy. Unplug all chargers when not in use – especially any that have displays or lights. Unplug all electrical items once they reach 100%. Don’t leave them charging overnight.

Tip 9. Say No to Standby

Turn off tablets, laptops and consoles as soon as you stop using them, and ideally unplug them. If you can switch off your TV and router too.

Tip 10. Reach for a Sweater or open the window

Sometimes we’re too quick to resort to technology to sort out our problems – especally when it comes to heating and ventilation systems.

How many times have you seen someone sitting in their static car with their engine on, running the aircon full blast when they could just wind down the window? Bad for local air quality. Bad for the planet. Now’s a good time to remind everyone that if they’re too cold, add another layer – and if they’re too hot open a window!

We do hope you’ve found our Top 10 Home Energy Saving Tips useful.

If you are planning to make your home more energy efficient or overhaul your heating system and are interested in some independent expert advice then do get in touch. Call 01923 896550, email or complete a contact form.

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