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Heating System Advice – bespoke solutions for you

Heating system advice is an important, but often overlooked area. Whether you are extending your home, carrying out renovation works or building a new house, getting good, independent heating system advice is a key element of your building project planning.

Installing the best home heating system or home ventilation system is crucial to creating a comfortable and energy efficient home. Get it right, and your home will be warm in winter and cool in the summer. Get it wrong and your home will be not only uncomfortable, but will probably also be very expensive to run.

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Personal Service, Integrated Approach

The CLPM heating system advice team can give you bespoke solutions for your home heating needs.

Firstly we will talk with you to understand where your priorities lie. Perhaps you have a particular heating system problem that you need to resolve? Do you need advice on how to make improvements to cut your home heating bills? Are you looking to make your home more comfortable? Would you like to improve the energy efficiency of your home heating system and reduce your carbon footprint?

Whatever your situation, we will help you make the best decisions. While improving your home heating system arrangements will naturally be the main focus of our advice, we will always do this in an integrated way. Heating and hot water systems must always be designed to match the structure and configuration of your home, as well as your household and lifestyle. This often means that we can help you make a number of further small changes, such as adding insulation or taking steps to draught-proof problem areas, all of which will result in additional improvements in your home’s comfort and energy performance.

Independent Heating System Expertise

Once we have discuss your needs, we’ll carefully review your plans or carry out a site survey on your home. By understanding how your home is constructed, as well as its layout and infrastructure, we can to provide you with tailor-made solutions for tackling your particular heating system concerns.

We will give you specific, actionable advice on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your existing heating system. We can suggest solutions for your new heating system, and modifications to your existing heating system.

Our expertise is not limited to heating systems – we are also experts in construction. This means we can give you additional tips of how to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

We’re also 100% independent, as we do not supply or install. We don’t take any commission from suppliers or installers, so you can rest assured that all the advice we give you is in your best interests.

Take the lead and save money

When putting together a heating system from scratch, or when updating or adding to an existing heating system, it is a wise decision to make sure you get independent, expert heating system advice to inform your decision-making. Don’t be tempted, as many unfortunately do, to leave it to chance. Simply adding on radiators to your existing system for example could be a costly mistake. Don’t rely purely on the expertise of your builder. Delegating such important decisions to them is not necessarily going to lead to the best outcome for you, and your family. If your system is under-specified, you could find your home has cold areas or you could suffer from a shortage of sufficient hot water for your household needs. If it is over-specified, you could be paying several hundreds of pounds more that you need to for supply and installation.

Expertise of all types of heating and ventilation systems

If you’re updating your home heating system or home ventilation system we can help. Our heating system expert has 20 years’ experience of reviewing home heating and ventilation systems. We are experts in calculating your needs and advising on the best heating and ventilation systems for your individual home. We can help you decide on the most suitable heating and hot water systems, whether it be via a modern gas boiler or an alternative heating solution such as an air source heat pump, a ground source heat pump, a biomass boiler or wood burning stove. We can help you to determine every heating and ventilation solution you might require such as solar hot water systems, low temperature radiator systems, underfloor heating systems and mechanical heat recovery systems.

Get in touch

At CLPM we always aim to deliver an individual service, tailored to your personal needs. You decide how you would like us help you and we will tailor our advice and support to your brief. If you’d like to find out how we can help you with your home heating system or home ventilation needs we’d welcome the opportunity to have a chat.

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