Choose your home energy consultant wisely!

Many home energy consultants are actually employed by, or paid in some way by the manufacturers or installers of the materials or equipment they then go on to suggest their clients install. A misleading practice.

CLPM are different – we are 100% independent. We don’t take any commission from third parties for recommending their products, and we don’t sell or install any equipment ourselves.

We believe passionately that every home energy consultant should give impartial advice. Fundamentally we work for you. Our mission is to work with you to reduce your running costs, cut your carbon footprint, and help make your home as comfortable and energy efficient as is practically possible.

Bespoke, Expert Advice Tailored to Your Needs

Our energy experts Tony Duffin, and Rob Bohm have almost 50 years’ combined experience in the industry. They will begin the process of helping you make your home more energy efficient by talking with you to find out more you and your family, and how you use your home. They will look at any problems you may be having, and will review your utility bills and energy usage patterns. They will also look at the building’s configuration and construction and assess the various systems you use to heat, light, ventilate and produce hot water in your home.

Making Older Homes More Comfortable

We are frequently asked to help solve the problems a client is having with comfort in their home. Typically this can be a client who is getting huge utility bills and yet is still experiencing problems heating their draughty, older house effectively. Usually our advice is a combination of looking in detail at what improvements our clients can make to the fabric of their home, as well as reviewing their heating system arrangements.

Boosting the Energy Efficiency of New Homes

In other cases we are asked by self-builders to make recommendations as to what they can do to improve the energy performance of their new home architectural designs beyond standard building regulation levels. We usually give our clients a series of options which deliver increasingly high levels of energy efficiency. We outline this information with indications of the associated upfront investment costs, and the matching benefits such as reduced running costs, and any grants and subsidies available.

Flexible, Solutions-based Advice for Any Situation

Whatever your energy issue, CLPM can help you decide on how best to tackle it. Our advice is bespoke, and is driven by your brief. We treat every client as an individual. After all, every one of us have different lifestyles and ambitions for our homes. There is no standard problem and no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

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CLPM Project Managers cover London, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and West Sussex. Energy Consultancy and Cost Advice services available across the UK.