Building Project Management Services

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Building Project Management Services

Interested in building project management services but not sure if it is worth paying for? If you are just replacing your kitchen, or bathroom you probably don’t need any help. But if you are planning to build a major building project you’ll need someone to oversee the works. The question is, do you have the time, skills and knowledge to do this yourself?

Juggling your jobs and family commitments with major building works can be stressful. Who will check the accuracy and quality of the building work? Who will chase your builder and ensure everything is completed on time? Who will protect your financial interests throughout the project? Who will quickly resolve any technical difficulties onsite?

Major building projects can often add pressure to an already busy life. If your renovation, refurbishment, extension or new build project is large or complicated, taking on an independent building project manager can be a very good investment.

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Can’t My Builder Just Do it?

We believe the answer to this one is – no!

Many builders will advertise that they “do their own project management”. But giving you a rough timescale, scheduling the delivery of the materials and coordinating the build team is not project management!

A project manager’s role is to manage the relationships between the client and the contractor to ensure the building is delivered as per the building contract. In practical terms, this means that the project manager supports the client’s decision-making, proposes alternative solutions to construction problems, helps prevent errors occurring onsite, creates challenge and helps to settle disputes fairly.The project manager assesses the accuracy and quality of the work, manages any cost variances and checks invoices for payment. He’ll also check for snags and defects and chase the builder to complete these before releasing the retainer.

Clearly a builder cannot ‘self project manage’ and carry out these functions. He’ll always prioritise his own best interests over yours!

Our research has shown that in 90% of projects where the builder manages the building works himself, they typically over-run and overspend by 20%.  This is a huge amount of money on a project of £200,000 or more!

There are also plenty of positive reasons for employing an independent building project management professional.  Whilst our fees may seem like an additional cost, in most cases the savings made are greater than the investment. We help minimise costly delays. We help ensure materials are chosen and bought at the right time, and more cost effectively. We reduce wastage and help avoid costly errors. We can significantly improve the quality of the end result.

Independence, integrity

CLPM have a proven track record of delivering successful projects for our clients. We don’t design. We don’t build. But we have a thorough and practical knowledge of both disciplines.

Our strength comes with our ability to organise your project with complete independence. We work directly for you. There are no conflicts of interests, and no issues with competing priorities. Our independence means your best interests are always our priority. We will always offer challenge, and will check and question the Architects, Structural Engineers and Contractors on your behalf, to ensure your project is a success.

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Why not use my Architect?

Architects are very busy people! They may have their architectural team to manage. They will have a high design workload. Design will take priority, and the time they have to visit your project will be restricted. They will have limited flexibility in their schedule to react to sudden problems onsite.

This generally means that most architects only provide a very basic project management service, offering no real day-to-day support to you.

Not all architects are skilled in the practicalities of construction. They are sometimes so close to the designs that they may fail to see or accept any errors or inconsistencies in their drawings. This may leave you trying to resolve any differences of opinion between your builder and architect yourself!

Many architects will use a limited roster of builders that they know and like working with. They may also take introductory fees. This means the construction quotation process will not be truly competitive and the costs to you will he higher. It also means the architect will not be 100% independent of the builder. He may be more interested in maintaining a cordial ongoing relationship with the contractor, than challenging him for you.

Proven expertise and track record

CLPM is a full service building project management company. Unlike some architectural or design practices, project management is not an add-on service or side-line for us. Project Management is our expertise. CLPM are well known and respected professionals within the industry.

Our team are regularly asked to give project management talks and offer advice at industry events. We run training workshops at The National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon. We are project management experts within the Expert Arenas at shows including Grand Designs Live, The Ideal Home Show and Build It Live.

Proactive, Communicative

Project management isn’t just about visiting your building site and checking the progress and quality of the works. It’s about enabling and monitoring the building process, and ensuring that right from the very start all parties have what they need to get the job done effectively, every day.

As a CLPM client you will be assigned your own experienced project manager who will be with you throughout the building project.

All our project managers are highly-organised men and women. Between them they have managed almost every type of project there is. We believe in a collaborative approach, and share our expertise across the team, for the benefit of all our clients.

We will work with you and your build team, to ensure that your new build, house refurbishment, or home remodel project goes as smoothly as it can.

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Contract Administration with project monitoring service – fixed monthly fee

This service is the recommended choice for our clients. It offers a much higher degree of involvement than an architect would traditionally offer for your project. We check that your project is being built to the correct design and specification. The project manager will monitor the quality of the main contractor’s work, and ensure that deadlines are met. Based around two visits to site a week, one meeting will be a minuted site meeting with your contractor, the other will be an unannounced visit to check on the promises made during the meeting.  This level of supervision gives us a good understanding of what is happening on site and allows us to inspect the works. We then understand the information requirements from the contractor and can discuss and influence the progress of the works on site. We can then support the project team to highlight and resolve issues. Within this fee we also check the contractor’s invoices and issue certificates for payment.

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Contract Administration only – fixed monthly fee

This service concentrates on the essence of managing the contractual relationship between you and the builder. It is popular with clients who are undertaking simpler, smaller projects. Contract administration is often chosen by clients who have the time to be closely involved with their build, but want the added reassurance of expert project oversight.

We will come to site at valuations visits only (typically once every two weeks) and inspect the building works.  We will issue minutes of the meeting and a programme statement.  We will also check the invoice that the contractor has raised to see that it tallies with the work completed on site and the price previously agreed.  We will then issue certificates for payment as required under the contract.

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Contract Management, Trade by Trade, Self-build Approach – fixed monthly fee

CLPM project managers can also work as Contract Managers. Contract Management involves building without a main contractor. The building work is insetad organised on a trade by trade basis. Here we are acting as your agent, controlling all the building subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc.) directly on site on your behalf.  This is a comprehensive service which has a high level of involvement both by the client and the project manager. It may be your preferred route if you want to maintain a high degree of control, or want to use a variety of specialist tradespeople rather than a single main contractor. This service is therefore particularly popular with self-builders and those using building systems such as timber frames, structurally insulated panels or insulated concrete framework. The project manager will act as Contract Manager and programme and schedule the works. As part of this Contract Management he will co-ordinate delivery of the materials and brief and liaise with your building system supplier and individual tradesmen. He will oversee your building works from start to finish and meet regularly with you to keep you up to date.

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Site Inspections only – hourly rate or fixed monthly fee

If the building contract is being administered by the main contractor then we can do a once every two weeks inspection.  This will include minutes and a programme update.

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Handholding – hourly rate or fixed fee

Our project manager can visit by arrangement to reassure or inspect specific issues.

Get in touch

At CLPM we put our always put our clients at the heart of what we do. You decide how you want to build, and how much support you’d like. We can then tailor our building project management services to you. If you’d like to find out more about how we can support you on-site we’d welcome the opportunity to talk about how we can help.

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