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Building Project Management Services

a building project manager onsite carrying out a site visit

If you are planning a major building project you’ll need someone to organise and oversee the construction works. There’s a lot to be done including:

  • Checking the accuracy and quality of the building work
  • Chasing your builder and ensure everything is completed on time
  • Quickly resolving any technical difficulties onsite
  • Protecting your financial interests throughout the project

Do you have the time, skills and knowledge to do this yourself? If not then you will need a building project manager.


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CLPM have a choice of building project management services to suit your needs

If you’re building using the standard approach ie. using a main contractor, then you can choose from two project management service approaches:

1. Contract Administration


2. Site Visits, Advice and Support

N.B. If you are planning a timber frame or self-build project using individual trades then we also provide a choice of self build project management services – click here for more information.

1. Contract Administration

If your renovation, refurbishment, extension or new build project is large or complicated, you’ll be spending a great deal of money – probably hundreds of thousands of pounds.

So it makes sense to take steps to protect yourself financially. The best way to do this is to have a robust tender process and a building contract in place – as well as a Contract Administrator.

Contract Administration is a contractual role – and is a vital part of every successful building project. In this video we explain what a Contract Administrator actually does, and why they will mitigate your financial risk – and get you a much better result!

Why Shouldn't I Leave it to My Builder?
Why Shouldn’t I Leave it to My Builder?

A Contract Administrator’s role is to manage the relationships between the you and your contractor to ensure the building is delivered as per the building contractA builder cannot carry out this function as he’ll always prioritise his own best interests over yours.

Although there is a cost to appointing a Contract Administrator, our research has shown that in 90% of projects where the builder manages the building works himself, they typically over-run and overspend by 20%.  This is an extra £30,000 for a project of £150,000 or more!

Why not use my Architect?
Why not use my Architect?

Architects are busy people and so most architects only provide a very basic service, offering little day-to-day support to you. Many architects will use a limited roster of builders that they know and like working with and take introductory fees. Thus the quotation process will not be truly competitive, and the costs to you will be higher. It also means the architect will not be 100% independent of the builder. He may be more interested in maintaining a cordial long-term relationship with the contractor, than challenging the work for you!

Why it's a Risk to Appoint a Sole Practioner
Why it’s a Risk to Appoint a Sole Practitioner

Covid-19 has changed the way we all behave – and assess the decisions and risks we take. Appointing a sole practitioner as your project manager in our current situation could threaten the success of your building project. Instead it makes sense to engage a larger company such as CLPM to support your build.
As our client you will be assigned your own project manager, but our team all work collaboratively and we have the business systems in place to store and share your project’s progress. Should your project manager be forced to self-isolate for 2 weeks or more, or suffer any other lasting ‘long covid’ effects, another CLPM project manager will step in and be there to guide and support you.

2. Site Visits, Advice and Support Service

Do you want to retain overall control of the day-to-day running of your project, but want the peace of mind of an expert visiting your building site and advising you if you encounter any problems?

If your project is relatively small or uncomplicated, and you have sufficient time and experience to project manage the works yourself, you may simply need an expert on hand to fill the gaps in your construction knowledge.

In these situations, you may be more interested in a service CLPM provide called Site Visits, Advice and Support.

This service can be delivered via a combination of phone-calls and emails plus face to face meetings onsite – or it can also be delivered remotely via a video conferencing service such as Skype or Zoom

This service is very flexible in nature and can be organised at a regular frequency to meet your needs eg. fortnightly or monthly, or it can be planned to coincide with significant events or critical milestones in your project. In addition, extra visits, video-calls or advice can bought to top up your support as required.

Why Choose CLPM?

Our building project management team are amongst the most highly qualified in the sector and include architects, building surveyors and heating engineers as well as seasoned construction professionals.

We’re a RICS regulated company with a team of Quantity Surveyors who will also support and guide you from our Head office.

As a CLPM client you will have your own designated project manager, but you will also benefit from the breadth and depth of the whole team’s collective knowledge. With over 200 years’ construction experience between them we’ve yet to see a query or problem they haven’t been able to solve together!

CLPM – Your Independent Construction Guide

CLPM have a proven track record of delivering successful building projects for our clients. We don’t design. We don’t build. But we have a thorough and practical knowledge of both disciplines.

Our strength comes with our ability to organise your construction project with complete independence. We work directly for you. There are no conflicts of interests, and no issues with competing priorities. Our independence means your best interests are always our priority. We will always offer challenge, and will check and question the Architects, Structural Engineers and Contractors on your behalf, to ensure your project is a success.

Important Update: Coronavirus Covid-19

CLPM are continually monitoring the guidelines and advice provided by the UK Government and Public Health England and are committed to making the right decisions for the wellbeing of our clients, our staff and the construction workers on our sites.

Our project management team are carrying out their duties whenever possible from home. Strict social distancing controls and hygiene routines are in place across our building sites. We hope these measures will have a limited impact on our service but will mean we are playing our part in keeping everyone safe.

A Choice of Services – to Match Your Needs, & Your Budget

Contract Administration with project monitoring icon
Contract Admin with project monitoring service

Our Contract Administration with a Project Monitoring Service offers a much higher degree of control and support than an architect would traditionally offer and is the recommended choice for our clients with larger and more complex projects.

It is charged via a fixed monthly fee and is based on one visit to site a week. .

Your project manager will be involved with the day to day running of your project. They will check that your project is being built to the correct design and specification, will monitor the quality of the main contractor’s work, and ensure that your deadlines are met.

The visit will include a minuted site meeting with your contractor, and will allow the project manager to check on the promises made during the previous weeks’ meetings. This level of supervision gives us a good understanding of what is happening on site, and allows us to regularly inspect your building works. We can then understand the information requirements from the contractor and can discuss and influence the progress of the works on site. It also allows us to support you and the project team and to highlight and resolve any issues as they arise.

Within this service we also check and challenge the cost variations as they happen and check the contractor’s invoices and issue certificates for payment.

Contract Administration with fortnightly onsite visits icon
Contract Administration

This service concentrates on the essence of managing the contractual relationship between you and the builder. 

Contract administration is often chosen by clients who have the time to be closely involved with their build, but want the added reassurance of expert project oversight.

This service is charged via a fixed monthly fee and site visits at either 2 or 4 week intervals (according to your needs and budget).

Your project manager will come to site for valuation visits and to inspect the building works.  They will issue minutes of the meeting and issue a programme statement. Throughout the build they will respond to, monitor and challenge any cost variations. They will also check the invoices that the contractor has raised to see that they tally with the work completed on site and the price previously agreed.  We will then issue certificates for payment as required under the contract.

building project manager site inspections icon
Site Visits, Advice and Support Service

If your project is smaller or more straightforward or if you are planning to have a high level of involvement in your build then your project manager can visit by arrangement to reassure or inspect specific issues.

This service is charged on a monthly basis, by the hour.

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At CLPM we put our always put our clients at the heart of what we do. You decide how you want to build, and how much support you’d like. We can then tailor our building project management services to you. 

FREE, No Obligation Quotations. Flexible support packages designed to suit your building project needs, and your budget.

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