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You may have seen that CLPM were quoted in the Sunday Times Home supplement this last Sunday, 30th September 2018. See the Home Cover article ‘Rears of the Year’ on page 20.

It’s always great to get a free mention, and we’re extremely happy to see that our mission – to highlight how important is it to approach your home extension or renovation building project in a professional, structured way – is starting to bear fruit!

Get Professional Support & Advice

Our message can be summed up in 2 main points:-

  1. Always carry out a competitive tender and appoint your builder via a formal building contract – never rely on a quote and a handshake!
  2. Always employ an independent project manager as your Contract Administrator – don’t get talked into ‘saving this extra cost’ by your builder. 

Within the commercial construction project world, carrying out a formal tender, using a building contract, and appointing an independent building project manager is the standard approach to building projects.

But within the UK residential market this is sadly not the case. There is still a widespread ignorance about how best to make sure your home building project goes smoothly.

Don’t Assume It’ll All Just Sort Itself Out

Too often, the most popular home-building TV shows portray the building process as just one big,exciting adventure. Plucky self-builders are presented more like intrepid explorers – rather than the nerve-wracked, cash-strapped individuals they really are!

Of course, we all enjoy watching the spectacle of yet another amazing dream house being built for an eye-watering sum. But from a professional perspective, there is not always a lot of useful construction advice to be seen. In fact, it’s more likely you will learn most about what NOT to do! After all, you have a building project with a set budget that you need to control!

Investing in Support will save you time, stress & money

The journalists who wrote the piece in the Sunday Times picked out one very important point we always like to highlight to our clients. This advice is that if you are carrying out a major building project, you would be wise to employ an experienced building project manager to help you to tender the works, appoint your builder and act as your Contract Administrator.

There are many benefits to doing this. These include a better quality of result and a reduction in stress, but the overwhelming reason is that it makes sound financial sense.

Our research has shown that in 90% of un-managed projects (ie. where the builder manages the building works himself) the projects typically over-run, and overspend the originally agreed budget by on average 20%. So if you are planning to extend or renovate your home and looking to spend £250,000, you could expect your building works to be late and to over-spend by £40,000 or more!

By contrast, employing an independent project manager would cost a fraction of this amount, so it’s simply a wise investment.

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