With Christmas on the horizon, have you thought about what this means for your building site over the Christmas shut down?

Here at CLPM we’re independent construction project management experts. Our team of seven building project managers are all highly experienced professionals. Between them they project manage construction projects of all types and sizes across London and the South East.

We work closely with a wide range of clients, and look after residential new build and major home extension projects, as well as larger commercial projects.

Our client and project types may vary, but our advice is always the same – make sure you prepare well for the Christmas shut down period!

So, to help make sure you can relax and enjoy the Christmas festivities, we’ve prepared our special Christmas construction site shut down checklist for you. We do hope you find it useful.

CLPM’s Building Site Christmas Shut Down Checklist

1. Carry out a Risk Assessment

With only a few days to go before Christmas, it’s time to make sure your building site will be safe and secure over the Christmas shutdown. Firstly, carry out a risk assessment. Talk to your builder about what’s happening over the holiday period. When will the site be closed?  When are the builders due to return after the holiday period? Who can you or your neighbours contact if there is an emergency onsite?

If you’re living in your home during the building works, what plans does your builder have in place to ensure the site is completely safe for you and your family? If there is no-one living at the site, then what additional plans does your builder have in place to keep the area safe and secure?

2. Secure Your Building Materials

Make sure you and your builder think carefully about what building materials are kept onsite over the holiday period. Don’t order more than you need. Have minimum stock onsite to reduce the risk of theft. If you must keep building materials onsite, try and secure them within a shed, or another lockable container. Always aim to keep everything out of sight.

3. Add Extra Security

Assess your building site, and think about whether you need extra security. Petty theft and vandalism can be a problem with building sites over the Christmas holiday period. Make sure all of your locks on doors or windows are working properly. Check your insurance to make sure you’re fully insured. Make sure you have appropriate warning signs in place. Although they may not prevent a thief entering your site, they can help protect you and your builder should someone injure themselves whilst trespassing. Consider investing in extra barriers to prevent access to the site. Think about installing CCTV cameras.

4. Protect Your Site from the Elements

With the site potentially unsupervised for 10 days, you will need to protect your building and any materials from the elements. Check the weather forecast. Is wet, windy or very cold weather expected? Make plans to ensure your building is watertight. Consider boarding up openings, or using ropes and tarpaulins. Don’t forget to protect your building materials and any equipment onsite so that they don’t get damaged. The last thing you need is to lose hundreds of pounds in ruined materials!

5. Keep your Site Safe

Make sure there are plans to make your building site safe. Remove ladders, or hide them out of view and lock them up to prevent access into the building via windows, or onto the scaffolding. Hide away any tools or equipment that might be attractive to children or vandals. If possible make sure any equipment is left in such a way that it cannot be moved at all. It’s worth taking a quick walk around the perimeter of your site to check any fencing you may have put up is secure and undamaged. Make sure that nothing tempting is on show.

Children (and thieves) are often tempted to enter construction sites during holiday periods. The best way to keep them safe from potential injury is to stop them being able to access the site in the first place! Finally it’s also a good idea to have emergency contact numbers displayed on your signs and given to neighbours so that you or your builder can be contacted should anything urgent need attending over the closure period.

6. Look at Your Lighting

In the days before, and after, the Winter Solstice the days are short in the UK. Assess your lighting and consider improving it at your building site to boost security. Install movement sensitive lighting, or leave some lights on with a timer over the holiday period.

7. And Lastly, Relax and Enjoy your Christmas Holiday!

By securing your building site and planning the Christmas shutdown in advance, you can now look forward to a relaxing break with friends and family over Christmas!

We do hope you’ve found our Building Site Christmas Shut Down Checklist useful. If you’re planning a major building project and would like to understand how CLPM can help you get the best result while saving you time, money and stress then do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

Call 01923 896550, email info@cl-pm.com or complete a contact form.

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