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Helping You Build Smart & Sustainably

CLPM’s construction project manager services have been designed to help you build in a smart and sustainable way

Unlike our competitors, we can provide all the independent construction expertise you need to make sure your project is a success. So you can make the most informed choices, and control your project – from the initial design stages until completion. 

As every project and client is different, you can choose what support you need and we’ll tailor our services accordingly.


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Stage 1. Pre-Construction Phase

The first stage is checking your designs and supportive information. As with any journey, preparation is key, and time spent in this phase is crucial to a successful outcome.

Construction Design Reviews

We begin by checking your architectural plans and specifications. We’ll work with you to ensure they are complete, comprehensive and consistent, and that they reflect what you are expecting! This will also give you a better idea about lead times and how long your build will be onsite, and will create an excellent brief for your construction team to quote against, and work with while onsite.

Energy Efficiency Reviews and Solutions 

By reviewing your designs and specifications at this early stage we can also help you boost the energy efficiency of your plans. We can help you choose what construction materials and method to use and what level of air-tightness and insulation to aim for. Our experts can give you advice on glazing elements too, as well as the most suitable heating, ventilation or mechanical heat recovery systems to install. Often minor amends to designs can make your home more comfortable and enable it to perform beyond what is required by current building regulations. Not only will actions future-proof your property, they will also increase its re-sale value, cut your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions too!

Heating System Reviews and Solutions

If you are extending, renovating or building a new property it’s important to make sure your heating and hot water system will be suitable for your needs. Our expert team can check your heating plans and help you make the best decisions. Our advice is 100% independent of manufacturers and installers and our expertise covers all systems, including the latest renewable technologies and control systems. 

Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Engineering

Many architects use an ex VAT cost per square metre sum to estimate the costs of their designs. It’s an approach that is often very inaccurate and unfortunately tends to under-estimate the true cost of the construction works. In the worst case this lack of accurate financial analysis of your plans can risk the viability of your project. It doesn’t have to be like this. Our Quantity Surveying team can check the affordability of your designs by producing a detailed estimate of what it will actually cost to build. Should you need to reduce your construction costs we can help you with that too.

Competitive Tendering 

The best way to stay in control of your building budget is to tender the project in a smart way. Using a Quantity Surveyor, such as CLPM,  to organise a competitive tender is the norm for commercial projects – and if you’re carrying out a major residential project you should do this too. By tendering professionally you’ll get more competitive, accurate quotations. The builders’ quotes will also be structured in a way which is easy to understand. And as they will all be presented in the same format, they’ll be easier to check and compare. The tender documentation we use is detailed and comprehensive and will help to ensure that no items are forgotten – which will reduce the risk of extra unplanned costs when onsite. Whilst there is obviously a cost to tender in this way, the fee is usually recouped several times over by the prevention of avoidable overspends while onsite.

Contractor Appointment 

Managing the build team appointment is an important process. If you want to protect yourself financially it makes sense to have a formal building contract in place. We can help you decide what build team to appoint, and then set and agree the contract price, invoice payment schedule and completion date etc. We’ll prepare the JCT building contracts for you, and get your project off to a flying start

Stage 2. Construction Phase

This second stage involves our monitoring the construction works onsite for you, and helping you tackle any queries or problems that happen along the way.

Expert, Team Approach

CLPM offer a range of construction phase services, delivered by field-based project managers, with additional specialist support from our Quantity Surveying team.

Full Project Management (also known as Contract Management)

Here the project manager directs and schedules the individual tradespeople (rather than a main contractor) on your behalf, whilst giving you guidance and support for materials procurement. This trade by trade approach can be a good choice if you want a high degree of control, have plenty of time and wish to have a real hands-on involvement with your project. It is therefore an ideal route if you’re planning a new build using timber frame or another modern method of construction or else a complex eco or historic renovation where a number of craftsmen or specialist installers are being used.

Contract Administration 

The standard approach for most building projects is to appoint a single, main contractor to carry out the build. In this case, the builder schedules and manages the build team and materials procurement on your behalf. This is an ideal choice if you have limited time to invest in your project, as it enables you to step back from the project. However this approach delegates control to your builder and this can lead to issues if you do not have an independent person to oversee the works on your behalf.

As your Contract Administrator, we monitor the progress and quality of the builder’s work for you, and highlight any issues. We visit the site regularly and hold meetings with the builder to ensure the build progresses smoothly, and to program. As part of our role we check and assess the invoices, and approve them for payment against the works that have been completed. We also check, challenge and record any extras (known as cost variations) for you, so that the bill for any unforeseen extras is correct, fair and reasonable.

Many builders argue that employing an independent project manager is an unnecessary expense, and that they can project manage the works onsite for you themselves. This statement misunderstands the role. An independent project manager is there to act as a referee or policeman for the works – checking that the work is completed correctly, and in accordance with the timescale and costs agreed via the building contract. The project manager therefore both supports and challenges the build team to follow your designs and build your property as you have agreed. He’s also there to support you and protect you financially. His priority is to help you make the decisions which best serve your interests.

Tailored to your needs

Ours is a very personal service; you decide the level and nature of the on-site support and time you need, and we will support you accordingly. 

We can visit your building site as frequently as you need – weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad hoc.

Unlike architects, who typically provide a very limited Contract Administration service, CLPM can also give you additional Site Monitoring Support to help you throughout the life of your project. We can be there, advising your decision-making and helping you on a day to day basis with the organisation of your project. 

Stage 3. Post-Construction Phase

This third stage is about completing the project and ironing out the inevitable issues which will occur with every building project.


Once the project nears completion, your project manager will organise the resolution of any snags. Typically these would be things the builder has accidentally missed, or where there are minor faults, that will need to be addressed prior to completion. 


After completion, there is a 3-6 month period called the defects period. At the end of this time, the project manager will call the builder back to address any defects for you which a have materialised since completion. 

Final Accounts

Our Quantity Surveying team will work with your project manager to help oversee the release of retention figures and calculate the final accounts.


We will also organise the certifications for you.

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At CLPM we always aim to deliver a bespoke service, tailored to the individual situation of our clients. If you are looking for a construction project manager or are in need of advice and support with a building project we’d welcome the opportunity to have a chat.

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