Looking for professional advice for replacing storage heaters?

If you’re updating your heating system then make sure you talk to someone with the technical knowledge to help you make the best decision.

CLPM provide expert, independent home heating advice for homeowners, property developers, small businesses, charities and community groups across the UK. Our advice is tailored to your needs and budget. It can be in the form of a visit and report for large, more complicated projects, or if you just want a quicker answer to a specific question then we can help via a pre-arranged phone-call of typically 30 or 60 mins duration.

Our heating expert, Rob Bohm has recently given home heating advice to a couple in London. Our clients had recently bought a 2 bedroom maisonette in Denmark Hill, South East London. They were wanting to understand the best options to improve both the energy efficiency and the convenience of the heating system of their new home.

Although the property was only built approximately 30-40 years ago it had no gas supply and so only had electric power. The flat was heated via electric storage heaters in the main rooms, but there was no heating at all in the bathroom. Hot water was provided via a cylinder with an immersion heater in cupboard next to the bathroom.

Our clients came to us as they wanted to know the most cost effective way to update their heating and hot water systems. They were keen to reduce their ongoing running costs. They also wanted to look at how they could ensure that they could have hot water and heat whenever they needed it.

We looked at their plans and talked through the way they lived in the flat. As a result we recommended that our clients install underfloor heating throughout the flat. This could be fitted over the existing floor with minimum disruption and a new flooring could be then installed over it. They could then invest in a highly efficient wall-mounted air source heat pump to run the system. We talked through the rough costs involved and gave guidance on the incentives that may be available via the government RHI scheme.

We proposed that hot water could continue to be provided via an immersion heater system but to an upgraded system with programmable timers and 2 elements. This dual element system is designed to take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs. Within the tank there is a long element, which when wired correctly, will heat the bulk of the cylinder using off-peak electricity and there is a second, shorter element to provide a rapid boost if required.

Are you looking at replacing storage heaters in your home? If you’d like our experts to give you heating system advice then do get in touch.

Call 01923 896550, email info@cl-pm.com or complete a contact form.

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