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Quantity Surveying services team at CLPM

Quantity Surveying Services from CLPM

CLPM’s Quantity Surveying team are regulated by RICS, and led by our Commercial Director Alison Maddison MRICS. We are here to help you organise your construction works so that you get the best result from your investment.

Our highly qualified team of Quantity Surveyors have been helping residential homeowner and commercial clients build for over 25 years, and have a wide range of experience across all sectors. Our construction cost planning, cost management, and cost control support can be tailored to your needs – and will protect your financial interests while building or improving your property.

Our Quantity Surveying services include:

  • Concept Stage Cost Advice
  • Estimating and Budgeting
  • Value Engineering
  • Tendering and Tender Analysis
  • Contracts and Builder Appointment
  • Contract Administration
  • Valuations, Cost Reporting and Final Accounts
  • Banks Monitoring

Start Your Financial Planning with CLPM

Behind every successful construction project is great architectural design – and thorough financial planning and control.

That’s why we offer a full range of Quantity Surveying services to support your project – from the early concept design phase right through to completion onsite.

In this video, our MD James Bryden outlines how to set your construction budget – and explains why it may make sense to talk to CLPM even before you brief your architect or designer.

Estimating, Budgeting and Concept Stage Cost Advice

If yours is a large, unusual or complex project, then it can make sense to getting high level cost range advice from CLPM at the initial concept or design stage. 

Our Quantity Surveying Services team will enable you to check the scope of your designs are affordable, and help you explore the costs of using different approaches. For example, where there is a choice of construction methodology (eg. demolish & rebuild vs renovation, or timber frame vs brick) we can produce detailed cost comparisons to inform your decision-making in the early project planning stages.

Once your designs are more detailed, CLPM can help you by calculating an estimate of the material and labour costs, line by line.

Having an accurate figure to refer to will help your architect to develop designs that you can afford, and give you a much greater understanding of the financial impact of your decisions as your plans progress. It can also prevent delays and reduce your design fees by preventing re-designs – or worst still, multiple planning applications.

Value Engineering

Have your architectural designs grown in scope? Are your builder quotations coming back too high?

If your projected construction costs have grown beyond your budget, or you are looking for ways to build more cost-effectively, then CLPM can help.

Our Quantity Surveying Services team can help you understand where and how to trim your designs – or your specifications – to get your costs back in line.

We can then go on to help you in the next stage – deciding how to approach your build and then finding and appointing your Build Team.


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Quantity Surveying services build team advice

Build Route Advice

Do you want to use a single, main contractor, or would you prefer to carry out the build using a series of tradespersons or suppliers – or perhaps a mixture or both?

It’s a difficult decision to make – and can have far-reaching implications on the outcome of your building project.

CLPM’s Quantity Surveying team can help you decide how best to carry out your construction works.

Once you have decided on the best way forward, our team can help you to prepare a shortlist of builders or suppliers to approach – and then organise the whole competitive tender on your behalf.

Quantity surveying services tendering

Tendering Services

One of the most common reasons for projects overspending is that the original builder quotation was incomplete and the missing ‘extras’ are the charged at a very high rate.

To prevent this, you need to ensure that your brief is complete, and that you tender the works effectively.

Our Quantity Surveying team will start the tender process by going through your designs and preparing a thorough breakdown of the different elements of work, splitting it into ‘packages’ for the contractor or the different trades or suppliers to quote against, as required.

Creating a detailed brief like this means you’ll get back much more accurate quotations. And demanding the builders send in their quotations using a set, detailed format means all of the quotations you get back will be complete and much easier to understand, compare and challenge.

Why get CLPM to carry out your tender? Because we work only for you –  to protect your best interests. We work with the most reputable local builders, but we do not limit the roster. This means that prices stay 100% competitive.

Unlike many architects, we do not take introductory fees from builders, and we do not ask for commission meaning that there are no hidden costs.

If you instruct CLPM to tender for your build, you can be assured that you will always pay the lowest prices.

Quantity surveying services building contracts

Contracts and Appointment

Once all the tender returns have been received back, we will check them through.

Remember if your builders’ quotations have grown a bit too high, having all of this information from our Quantity Surveying team will help you understand where, and how, to trim your designs – or your specifications – to get your costs back in line with your budget.

This can also be a useful exercise even if you have not gone over-budget – as it can show you again how and where to make savings to build more cost-effectively.

The next step is to decide who to appoint.

This should not always be based purely on cost. It’s also important to consider the builder or supplier’s reputation, the quality of their work, how local they are to your project, how confident you feel about their organisational skills, whether you trust and feel comfortable with them personally, and lastly their professionalism and willingness to sign a contract that is appropriate for the works being undertaken.

CLPM will guide you through this process to ensure you can make the best, informed choices. We’ll then prepare all the documentation and arrange the contracts for you.

Construction Phase Quantity Surveying Services

Contract Administration Services

If you have appointed one main builder via a building contract, then CLPM can continue to protect your financial interests via a service called Contract Administration.

Having CLPM as your Contract Administrator will make it easier to plan your finances and will significantly reduce the risk of unexpected overspends

We will enable you to make better, informed decisions and you will always have a clear view of the forecast total build cost.

At the end of the project we will help with final account preparation, negotiation and conclusion.

As the costs have been monitored and controlled throughout the build, there should be no unpleasant surprises when it comes to agreeing the final sum due to your builder.

Quantity surveying services Contract Administration

Cost Monitoring and Control Services

Alternatively if you’re a self-builder looking to be more heavily involved in the day to day organisation of your project, you may be approaching your building process in a way which is more complex than just appointing a single builder.

If you are building using ICF or a timber frame supplier, you may be using a combination of individual trades to complete your build. Or if you are converting or renovating a listed property you may want to coordinate a series of historic building specialists.

Whatever your situation, you will want to put in place measures to prevent your project overspending. Disputes over cost variations can lead to serious delays and in the worst cases a complete breakdown of the build team.

The best way to mitigate your financial risk is appointing CLPM to support your build via our independent cost monitoring and control services.

Banks Monitoring Services

If you are looking to borrow money to fund your construction works, your bank or lender may require an initial construction appraisal report and then subsequent monitoring of the construction phase to ensure that their interests are protected.

In these situations, CLPM can help secure your loan by providing Banks or Lender Monitoring Services. 

Get in touch

At CLPM we put our clients at the centre of the process. You decide where and when you need the support – we tailor our services to you. If you’d like to keep control of your budget, we’d welcome the opportunity to talk about how we can help.

Call 01923 896550, fill out a contact form or email to find out more.

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