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We recently gave a client back boiler replacement advice for a property in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Our client, a local landlord, owned a one-bedroom flat in a 19th century grade 2 listed converted vicarage. He approached us when the existing back boiler was condemned, after it failed its smoke test and the flue in the chimney was deemed to be inadequate.

The property was quite small, and together with a gas fire, the boiler heated the flat via three existing radiators. Our client was keen to minimise the cost of its replacement. He also wanted to limit the disruption the installation of a new central heating system would entail. He was therefore considering removing the gas back boiler and replacing it with electric radiators.

Our advice was to consider another option to replace their back boiler. In situations like these we do not generally recommend electric radiators. Electric heating is considered to be an ineffective and expensive solution to the majority of the general public, and is therefore unpopular. We therefore felt this could have a negative effect on our client getting a tenant, especially as he wished to market the flat as an upmarket rental.

In addition, this type of electric radiator heating would not score well from an energy performance perspective. There was therefore a real risk that the EPC for the flat could fall below what is legally expected to be able to let the property. This would therefore mean he would have had to improve the fabric of the building, most likely by updating the glazing, to resolve this problem, which would have added further to the expense and disruption.

Instead our recommendations were to continue heating the flat with a gas heating system. We suggested our client install a new, highly efficient heat-only boiler in the kitchen, as there was already a boiler flue in the area. This would also mean that the radiators could also be continued to be used, as long as the existing system was power flushed prior to connecting to a new boiler.

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