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Are you looking for a home heating expert to help you resolve your home’s ongoing heating issues, or to suggest a new, better way to heat your property?

Is so, we’d love to help.

Heating Advice that’s 100% Impartial

CLPM are home heating experts and we offer a fully independent heating and energy consultancy service – with no affiliation to any supplier or contractor – so you can be assured that all the advice we will provide will be in your best interests.

Our heating consultant can provide you with all the independent heating advice you need to make your home more comfortable, more energy efficient and cheaper to run. And we can work with you whether you’re a homeowner, an architect or a small business owner – and whatever your heating system or problem.

It’s Time to Tackle Your Heating Issues

The weather is getting colder, and you’ve probably started to turn up the thermostat on your central heating system. You may also have unfortunately discovered that your heating systems is not as effective as it needs to be.

You’re not alone – we’re hearing from lots of homeowners with heating issues who are keen to benefit from our heating advice and resolve the problems they’re experiencing before winter really sets in.

Heating Advice that’s 100% Covid Safe

But with most of the UK population under some form of COVID-19 restrictions, many of our callers are reluctant to risk meeting face to face or have our team enter their properties.

The good news is that CLPM can still give you all the help and support you need to tackle your home heating problems – without ever having to visit you, or your home.

Our home heating experts can carry out almost all of our work – including heating surveys – remotely, via our new Virtual Heating Advice Service.

How does our Virtual Heating Advice Service Work?

Our NEW Virtual Heating Advice Service involves our using digital and video technologies – such as Zoom, Facetime or Skype – to talk with you and ‘see’ your home.

There is no need to meet with you physically, and our home heating expert can help you whatever your location across the UK.

Step 1 : The Review

Every client’s needs, and property is unique. So we always take time to fully understand your individual situation.

We’ll therefore start by meeting with you virtually using whichever technology you are comfortable with. During the call our home heating expert will discuss the issues you are experiencing in greater detail, and will aim to understand your priorities, your budget and what you wish to achieve.

We will ask you to show our expert around your property and heating system using your smartphone or tablet. We will also typically ask you to give us some more specific technical information and some site photographs.

Once this information has been captured, we can then review it before we discuss what we find – and go on to outline the choice of improvement options which suit your needs, and your property.

Step 2 : The Report

Once the review stage is complete, we will issue a written report. This will bring together all the points into one document for you. This report can then be used as a basis of a brief for the future works you decide to carry out on your home by your heating engineer, or build team.

Next Steps

If you’d like to understand more about how our home heating experts can help then we’d love to hear from you.

For a FREE, no obligation quote call our friendly team on 01923 896550, email or complete a contact form today.

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