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Destroying your most precious asset in order to create your dream home is a scary and courageous thing to do, but that’s just what this Oxfordshire couple did to their dilapidated 1960’s family home.

Having worked up designs with their architectural practice, Anderson Orr Architects, they had secured planning to strip the house back to a shell and completely remodel it to create a modern eco home. However, after having spoken to a number of local builders it was clear that the project was significantly over-budget. The project was therefore in serious risk of becoming un-affordable, and so the lead architect approached us to help get their client’s project back on track financially.

The first step was for the CLPM Quantity Surveying team to create a detailed estimate for the building project. This helped the architect and their clients to understand how their plans translated into building costs. From this detailed breakdown they were then able to more accurately quantify how they could cut the costs of their plans, either by adjusting their designs or changing some of their specifications. The work also highlighted the opportunity which existed with this particular project for their clients to save money by sourcing and buying their ‘big ticket’ materials direct rather than via their build team.

As a result, the project – which when we initially met our clients was so close to being cancelled – went ahead and was completed on budget after 12 months.

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