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Challenging and preventing bad building work is an important aspect of our project management service here at CLPM.

We’re often asked by potential clients what value we think an independent construction project manager brings to a building project. We think helping to prevent poor building work happening is an important part of our work.

Every month our construction project managers share images of the building horrors they have seen onsite. This work was usually done years ago, but we have uncovered it when overseeing the demolition or renovation a property. However poor workmanship can also be the cause of a construction project going wrong, and it can therefore be the reason we are called in to help get a project back on track.

Poor workmanship can have devastating effects, as is illustrated by this renovation project near Slough.

The project

We have been supporting the project for the last couple of months. We got involved when the building project ran into difficulties mid-build. Our client’s contractor had failed to build to the architect’s drawings, and so a lot of the work had not been completed correctly. The building works were also generally of a very poor standard. As a result, our client had stopped the build and sacked his builder.

Our client contacted us for advice and to help him to rescue and then complete his building project.

We were asked to:-

1. Review the works completed by the old builder.

This helped establish what problems there were, and created a schedule of issues to resolve. We also pulled together a list of outstanding works for the new builders to complete.

2. Project Manage and oversee the build.

This involved monitoring both the correction of the old works and the completion of the renovation with the new contractors.

Bad Drainage Works

This image was shared recently by the building project manager overseeing this project. The image illustrates the type of shoddy workmanship that can happen if there is no independent project manager to oversee the works.

The photo shows bad building work for the underground waste drainage connection. This collapsible flexi-pipe has been cast into the foundation and slab to an external inspection chamber. Since the route and connections used for this length of pipework by the previous contractor can’t be relied upon, this convoluted drainage run has had to be abandoned as it would undermine the structure to dig it out. As a result a new drainage route has had to be designed to run internally and externally to bypass this connection – causing a lot of costly, additional work .

How would a project manager prevent bad building work like this?

A key role of a building project manager is to inspect the building works onsite. If the project manager has been appointed by the clients to visit the site on a regular basis then issues like this would be seen and picked up, and the builder would be challenged straight away to resolve the issue at his own expense.

Are you concerned about bad building work?

If you’d like to understand how CLPM can help ensure your construction project goes smoothly then do get in touch.

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