Here at CLPM we believe that independent home energy consultancy should be a critical part of every new build home project.

Whilst adhering to basic building regulations will provide UK self-builders with a broadly satisfactory outcome, we’re delighted to be working with many of the growing numbers of self-build clients who are looking to build and live in a more sustainable way.

Tony Duffin, CLPM’s independent home energy consultant, works with our eco-savvy clients and their architects. Our role is to help our clients to assess their designs from an energy efficiency and running costs perspective. We can calculate the energy performance of the building with different air-tightness levels, amounts of insulation or window choices. We can advise on the most efficient way to heat and ventilate our clients’ new build homes using a wide range of different technologies. We are experts on renewables and can offer impartial advice to anyone looking to invest in green technology for the home. Our approach is always pragmatic. We always aim to offer our clients practical, cost-effective energy efficient solutions for their new homes. Upfront costs versus payback times are a key consideration.

We are currently working with a couple, whom we first met when we were attending Grand Designs Live as their Project Management Experts in May 2017, who are planning to construct a substantial new build property near Sevenoaks in Kent. Our clients have asked us to help them, and their architect, to specify their new 5,500 square foot home to be as energy self-efficient as possible, within a reasonable budget. We are giving them calculations including U values for enhanced insulation levels, and window specifications. We are advising on the best heating and mechanical ventilation systems to use, to ensure the house is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, as well as ensuring the air quality is kept at an optimum level. We are also helping them to determine whether enough power could be generated from a 100 square metre solar PV array on their land to power the house year-round.

Are you planning a self-build project and looking for independent home energy consultancy? If so, then why not get in touch. Call us on 01923 896550, email or complete a contact form.

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