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Self Build Construction Management Services

Are you planning a self-build project?

Building a new home, converting an agricultural or industrial building or carrying out a major renovation?

If you’re building using ICF or a timber frame supplier you are probably planning to use a combination of individual trades to complete your build.

Likewise, if you are renovating a listed property you may want to coordinate a series of historic building specialists to ensure every detail is completed to meet more exacting conservation requirements.

As a client one of the most important roles you have is deciding how the project is going to run. Get it right and the whole experience can be a real pleasure. Get it wrong and it can wreck lives, marriages, financial security and every dream you’ve had for the place.”

Kevin McCloud

Grand Designs Handbook

Building using individual trades, rather than a single, main contractor inherantly carries more risk. The key is to make sure you mitigate this risk and protect yourself financially – both in the preconstruction phase, and once on site.

Investing in Construction Management services from CLPM to help you organise and control your project will mitigate the risk of self-building – and help you build a better home.

Construction Management Services from CLPM

Our project management and Quantity Surveying teams can work alongside you, giving you as much support and advice as you need to realise your dream.


CLPM can help with design reviews, energy performance and heating advice, budgeting and cost engineering, splitting the build out into individual packages by trade, and developing a programme for your project. If required we can also signpost you to other professionals eg. specialist insurance brokers, warranty companies, Heath & Safety advisors, and VAT experts.

CLPM can also provide guidance with your procurement strategy, help you collect and analyse quotations and then appoint and organise your build team on your behalf.

Construction phase:

Once on site, your project manager can continue to support you as required – coordinating the contractors and helping you organise the practicalities of managing your site – such as security and welfare, and Health and Safety – as well as resolving queries or issues as they arise, to keep your build on track.

How CLPM Can Support Your Self-Build Project

Planning, Scheduling and Control

One of the most important elements we can help you with is the planning and control of your self-build project.

We do this by preparing a realistic and detailed programme, and then monitoring and adjusting it as the project progresses. Allowing sufficient time for the various tasks; including supplier, sub-contractor and contractual deadlines and building in contingencies, is vital to the smooth organisation of a trade by trade project.

Get it right and the build will proceed at a good pace. The trades will be able to work on their areas to schedule, and the build will be cost and time efficient. Get it wrong and the result is an erratic build with frequent periods of inactivity.

Delays in self-build projects can have serious financial consequences. They can quickly escalate with a lateness of delivery of materials leading to issues with the trades being unable to work. When supplies do arrive, they may then have business elsewhere, leading to further delays and additional costs.

Having an experienced project manager to help you in this area is invaluable.

Technical Reviews, Advice and Onsite Problem Solving

The quality of your build is determined by a variety of elements.

Most fundamental is the design. Reviewing and checking the design documentation is a key area to ensure that the detail is sufficient, consistent, accurate and clear to understand and follow by all onsite. The plans are the ‘hymn sheet’ all the trades will use. If any anomalies or errors get through, then the risk of mistakes being made is high (with resultant conflict and cost).

Once onsite, regular, detailed inspections need to be made to check that the works are being completed correctly against drawings and specifications. Technical queries need to be answered promptly, and any construction problems need to be solved. Part of this check will also be assessing the level of quality of each trades work and ensuring that the finish is good enough. Work of a poor standard will need to be challenged and resolved.

Building control will need to be invited to visit and inspect the site to sign off that key elements are being built to building regulations such as the footings etc.

Having CLPM by your side throughout the construction phase will give you a better result. We can help ensure that the quality of the build is as it should be – and your project manager protect you from some of the most stressful and challenging aspects of the self-build process. 

Budgeting, Tendering and Procurement

In an environment where overruns and errors can cost tens of thousands of pounds, it is not surprising that cost control is a critical part of every self-build project.

It’s a sad statistic that over 9/10 of every unmanaged project over-spend by on average 20%; a huge amount of money! Mitigating the risk is key, and this is achieved by ensuring your designs and specifications are comprehensive, accurate and affordable.

As a CLPM client you can also benefit from the experience of our Quantity Surveying team who can help you mitigate your financial risk both in the preconstruction phase and once onsite. 

Step 1 – Understanding your costs – budgeting

The process starts by preparing a comprehensive, line by line estimate to create a budget. This allows you to check the overall affordability of your design, as well as to more clearly understand which are the most costly areas. When sourcing materials, this information is also useful to help determine what provisional sums you might want to allocate when choosing big spend items such as kitchens or glazing. 

Having CLPM produce a line-line estimate will not only help you in the design stage – it will also help you in the tender stage by giving you a solid benchmark to compare your quotations against too.

Step 2 – Getting the best prices – competitive tendering

The financial difference between a truly competitive tender and an informal quoting process (which alwqys results in dozens of changes and additions), can be tens of thousands of pounds on a large project. As a CLPM client we can help you determine how to split your build out into trade packages, and then carry out a professional tender for your build. Giving the trades a comprehensive brief, in a set format will get you the most accurate quotations. It will also allow you to compare every one of the different trades returns and negotiate to get the best possible prices. 

Step 3 – Keeping track of your budget – variations

Once work has started, your project manager and the CLPM Quantity surveyng team can help you control your finances by discussing and checking the cost impact of all changes as they happen with each of the relevant trades  and then documenting and tracking your spend as the project progresses.

Financial and Legal Risk Mitigation

There are a lot of financial and legal elements to a self-build project.

You must ensure that you have not only secured the right type and level of specialist insurance for the project, but that the Health and Safety requirements are being met. Recent legislation means that there has to be a person taking on the role to minimise risk and protect the workforce – as well as anyone else visiting the site. 

VAT also plays an important role in every building project, and the rates can vary from 0% to 20% dependent on the works being carried out. There are also set rules around the way in which VAT is paid or reimbursed.

As a CLPM client we can put you in touch with the specialists who will protect you and your financial interests.

Why Choose CLPM? 

1. CLPM are the industry leaders in the residential market. We are trusted by Build It, Grand Designs and the NSBRC and we deliver training programmes, engage in expert panel discussions, make presentations and advise at their events.

2. CLPM are a highly qualified team. We employ construction professionals from a variety of fields – including civil engineers, building surveyors, architects, heating engineers and Quantity Surveyors. As a CLPM client you will benefit from our collective knowledge and experience. 

3. CLPM work for you. Our priority is to help you build your dream home on time and budget with the minimal stress and disruption. We’re 100% independent of architects, builders and suppliers meaning we will always look after your best interests.

4. CLPM have proven expertise not only in construction project management but also cost planning and control, energy performance, heating solutions and renewable technologies – meaning we can help you build in a smarter and more sustainable way.

5. CLPM are a well established family company with a solid set of financial accounts. We carry all the professional indemnity insurance that is required for our consultancy and support services.

6. CLPM operate in an efficient, system-based way. As our client you will be assigned your own project manager, but our team all work collaboratively and we have the business systems in place to store and share your project’s progress.

7. CLPM are recognised by a number of industry bodies – we are a RICS Regulated company, and also appear on the Green Register.

8. CLPM can offer added reassurance and protection for your project in these uncertain times. Unlike sole practitioners, we can provide a wraparound service for our clients. Should Covid-19 mean your project manager needs to self-isolate for 2 weeks or more – or suffer from any other lasting ‘long covid’ effects, another CLPM project manager will step into their place and be there to guide and support you.

Important Update: Coronavirus Covid-19

CLPM are continually monitoring the guidelines and advice provided by the UK Government and Public Health England and are committed to making the right decisions for the wellbeing of our clients, our staff and the construction workers on our sites.

Our project management team are carrying out their duties whenever possible from home. Strict social distancing controls and hygiene routines are in place across our building sites. We hope these measures will have a limited impact on our service but will mean we are playing our part in keeping everyone safe.

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At CLPM we put our always put our clients first. You decide how you want to build, and how much support you’d like – we can then tailor our services to you. If you’d like to find out more about how we can support you with your self- build project we’d welcome the opportunity to talk about how we can help.

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