Home energy audit of a Wiltshire 19th Century Farmhouse

Home energy audit

Carrying out a bespoke, independent home energy audit is the best way to ensure you create a truly energy efficient home. Getting expert sustainability advice, tailored to your specific needs is critical to ensure that the specifications are right for you and your family. A CLPM home energy audit can help you make the most of your building’s energy performance.

Our Wiltshire-based clients were planning to refurbish and improve a large 19th century farmhouse and were looking for guidance on how create an energy efficient home for their family. They wanted to determine how best to improve their building’s energy performance and choose the correct size and type of heating system for their needs. They were also interested in whether or not a PV array might be an appropriate addition to their plans.

As the building was poorly insulated and using oil and was not served by gas, a number of insulation and green technology options were looked into. Firstly, the CLPM sustainability team looked at the current construction of the house and determined its current energy performance. We then looked at the best ways of enhancing its insulation package and proposed the best range of actions, room by room and area by area. This included insulating the solid ground floor prior to them being re-laid, increasing the loft insulation, adding insulated plasterboard to external walls of the house where practically possible. We also proposed deleting the trickle vents from the double glazing specification and installing a mechanical heat recovery system.

For heating, we recommended the installation of a bio-mass boiler and specified the appropriate size. We also proposed that an under-floor and radiator combined heating system be run off it, as well as highly energy efficient wood burning stoves. It was suggested that the best location for a PV array was on an outbuilding adjacent to the house. This was again fully specified, costed and the payback calculated to allow our clients to decide their course of action.

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Home energy audit and sustainability review.

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