Energy Audits for Churches, Lambeth Palace

Energy Audits for Churches

We regularly work on energy audits for churches and started working with Lambeth Palace with the aim of looking for opportunities to improve the generally poor energy efficiency of their listed, historic buildings.

Lambeth Palace were keen to investigate how they might improve the comfort and running costs of their buildings, many of which are very old indeed. The oldest remaining parts of Lambeth Palace are the Chapel, and the Crypt beneath it, both of which date back to the 13th Century. All the other buildings in the Palace grounds have been added, expanded and altered over the centuries to suit changes in fashion and purpose. An audit involved taking regular readings across the estate to assess what was happening where when it came to energy usage.

Grants are available to help charities such as churches to investigate how they might increase the energy efficiency of their buildings. We helped Lambeth Palace apply for and win a grant to pay for 3 days of our sustainability expert’s time to enable them to do this.

We started by meeting with key staff and carrying out an energy audit, looking at the energy usage together with the nature of the buildings and the heating systems in use. We then looked at the opportunities for increasing the energy performance through loft insulation, internal wall insulation alongside refurbishment works and the installation photovoltaic arrays to generate electricity.

Work at Lambeth Palace is still ongoing and we hope to help them in the future to help them become a more energy efficient and sustainable organisation for the future.

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At CLPM we always aim to deliver a bespoke service, tailored to the individual situation of our clients. We can carry out bespoke energy audits for churches and can often help advise on the grants etc. If your church is interested in improving its energy efficiency performance we’d welcome the opportunity to have a chat.

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