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Eco home renovation project management

Eco home renovation projects require close project management. Matching the sensitive needs of an older property with the desire to create an energy efficient home can be a challenge.

The project

This eco home renovation project near the Oxfordshire and Berkshire border certainly was a labour of love. Built in 1800, and once home to the painter and illustrator Sir William Nicholson, the house had been added to many times over the years and required an extensive renovation and rationalisation.

The Challenge

Our clients started working with us early on in their eco home renovation project. They had realised that their project was not as straight-forward as they had assumed and that they would need additional support at both the design and construction stages. The structure of the property was very energy inefficient, and they were keen to have an independent expert by their side to make sure they made the best decisions for the development of their home.

The solution

It was clear that the clients needed a detailed set of plans to work with and brief their build team. We were able to recommend an architectural designer to work with our clients to produce more detailed plans from the basic architectural drawings they already had. CLPM’s Energy Consultancy team then worked with their designer to help ensure that the structure of the property would be improved to make it as energy efficient as possible. We also helped them decide on the best way to update the heat and hot water systems for their property – this included creating a plan to install a mix of traditional and sustainable technologies such as a new energy efficient gas boiler, under-floor heating, a solar thermal hot water system and a photovoltaic array.

The CLPM Cost Advice team then took their plans and produced a budget estimate. This helped our clients to check the affordability of their plans before continuing to the next stage – deciding how to approach the construction phase, and then finding and appointing a builder. With a number of specialist skills required it was clear that splitting the job into separate trade packages made most sense. This approach would mean that the historic property would be renovated in a sensitive way and as many of these were small companies it was also the most cost effective route. We therefore appointed the build team in this way, drew up a master programme and then building works commenced.

As the work progressed on site it became clear that much of the existing structure was not as robust as had been supposed. For an un-managed project this might have been a nightmare, and could have led to a serious overspend. However this created only a minor set-back for our clients as our project manager simply organised additional inspections from a structural engineer to specify remedial actions, got prices for the revised scope of work, reprogrammed and re-costed the work whilst still driving the build forward.

The result

Whilst the project certainly didn’t always go smoothly, having a project manager at hand to help coordinate the build meant that there  were no delays or serious overspends and our clients were protected from a large amount of stress and anxiety. In the end, the result was everything our clients had wanted – a sympathetic eco home renovation delivering a warm and welcoming modern family living space.

CLPM Services used by our clients:

Schedule of works, Cost Estimating and Budgeting, Cost Engineering and Procurement Advice, Tender Management and Analysis, Monthly Cost Reporting. Full Project Management using individual trades.


It was a big and complex project. When all we had was a shell left and new issues arising every day, it was reassuring having an unflappable, hands-on project manager around. The budgeting was robust, there were no stupid contingencies, neither were there any nasty shocks. The programme was handled very professionally – it was quite an education to see how it all worked. Build costs could have gone anywhere. Paying a fixed project management fee meant that costs didn’t change, even when the job hit obstacles along the way. Using CLPM has saved us a six figure sum and given us a home that we’re delighted with”

Mr & Mrs M, Oxfordshire

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At CLPM we always aim to deliver a bespoke service, tailored to the individual situation of our clients. If you are planning an our eco home renovation project and are in need of eco home renovation project management advice and support we’d welcome the opportunity to have a chat.

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