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Building Energy Consultants

Building energy consultants can be key to a period renovation building project. Our building and energy consultants team work for commercial clients, public companies and charitable organisations, as well as residential property owners.

The project

Our clients wanted advice on the best way to reduce the running costs and improve the sustainability of their property. The estate was made up of a variety of buildings, including a very large house (and bed & breakfast) and an associated farming estate.

The challenge

Our brief was to review the estate with a view to its future development priorities.

The solution

CLPM’s sustainability expert carried out a full review of the site – looking at the fabric of the buildings and the heating systems used.

It was proposed that when possible the house’s internal wall and roof insulation should be improved as soon as possible as this was a large reason for the heat loss. In addition it was suggested that our clients should double and secondary glazing to the windows. The original shutters were highlighted as a valuable way of conserving heat. In addition, the possibility of using wood burning stoves rather than open fires where possible was suggested. 

The property used oil for heating. Therefore oil, as well as electricity and water consumption was monitored using smart meters. In addition tests were carried out for leaks on pipes, and all controls and sensors were checked to get the most accurate analysis for where savings could be made.

The results

Recommendations were made for the estate to switch from oil to a new biomass boiler system. The wood could be grown and managed on the estate, and it was proposed that a better controls and zoning for the heating system should be introduced through the house in general. Mechanical Heat Recovery Systems were highlighted as an area to investigate further. Solar hot water heating was suggested for the swimming pool and a solar PV panel installation proposed so that the estate could generate its own electricity. The proposals made were costed to produce a net annual saving of £35,000 on the estate’s energy bills.

CLPM Services used by our clients:-

Sustainability review and energy audit. 

Get In Touch

At CLPM we always aim to deliver a bespoke service, tailored to the individual situation of our clients. If you are looking for  building energy consultants to give you sustainability advice and support for your building project we’d welcome the opportunity to have a chat.

Call 01923 896550, fill out a contact form or email to find out more.


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