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Herding Cats…..

How do I keep 10 Project Managers happy, supported and left with the feeling that they are the number one priority, and more important than the others?

Well, I do have four sons so I have had practice at making each of them feel that they are “my favourite”….

Joking aside, it is part of my work at CLPM to support and look after the Project Managers. I have worked out in “the field” and I know how important it is to have reliable and intuitive people back at base.  How can you confidently deliver a service if you don’t have good back up?  The PMs are the public face of CLPM. They work long hours, covering many miles from project to project, so back in the office, it is important they hear a friendly voice and get answers to questions quickly and correctly.

We have an office based team too, which includes a QS department, and fantastic customer service and satisfaction is a number one priority.  A major home renovation is a very stressful time for most people, and we need to ensure clients are happy and well informed. My aim is keep all our members of staff supported and valued. If that includes making endless cups of tea or handing out tissues so be it. I hope it also includes helping with any tasks that need a helping hand. I would be disappointed with myself if anyone thought I was too busy with my own work to not help out.

Hopefully, my colleagues will have stopped reading this by now, so they won’t know I have to use my wiles in getting them to get their timesheets in on time. Or how my rambling conversations with them are a trick to get to know more details about a potential project or indeed an existing one, that are sometimes lacking when I ask a direct question. Or that my “dumb blonde” questions are rhetorical. Of course I know the answer, I just want them to know the answer too!

I think a major plus of being a “little more mature” than other staff members, is that I know everything is cyclical. After being in business for 30 years, there is little that is a surprise now. Clear communication, focus, detailed planning and consideration are, in my opinion, key elements to a smooth running and happy ship. I hope I can bring operational expertise to our business but also a calm head when all about me are losing theirs….

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