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CLPM provide more than just construction project manager services. As a construction project consultancy, we offer a range of additional construction project services. Unlike our competitors, we can offer you all the expertise you need to successfully deliver your building project – together, under one roof.

We believe that the role of construction project manager requires more than just expertise in scheduling or onsite support. Being able to support our clients’ construction projects from a financial perspective is also very important. As is giving our clients advice on boosting the energy efficiency of their buildings, so that they are more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run.


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Successful projects need skillful building project management.

Our team of 7 construction project managers are all highly experienced professionals. With a range of backgrounds and skills, we work cooperatively, sharing our expertise across the team for the benefit of every client and building project we manage.

We work directly for you. We don’t pay architects to introduce us. We don’t take commission or demand introductory fees from the builders we work with. We believe this independent position is critical to ensure that your best interests are always at the heart of everything we do.

Also, with this independence comes the ability to check, question and challenge. A fresh pair of eyes with the focus on you and your priorities. Getting the building work done to the right quality, whilst staying within your budget and within the timescale you agreed.

Project management isn’t just about visiting the site of the building works. It’s about facilitating the building process and ensuring everyone has what they need to get the job done effectively. Every construction project manager in our team is highly-organised and a great communicator. Our aim is to coordinate all parties to ensure your new build, renovation or extension project goes as smoothly as possible.

We offer a range of service levels, designed to suit your personal needs and budget. This includes full project management, contract administration or ad-hoc hourly project management advice.


Successful projects need skilful cost advice and control.

Our cost control and advice team are experts at giving personal, bespoke construction cost guidance. Over the years, we’ve helped clients with building projects of all types – from modest extensions and renovations to multi-million pound new build homes and commercial developments.

Our cost control and advice team work together with our construction project managers to help you take control of your building project costs.

It’s important to start controlling your construction budget right from the initial design stage. This is particularly true for larger projects, where finances are tight or when your designs include elements which are bespoke or unusual. Simply relying on the standard costs per square metre in these circumstances is not accurate and can lead to serious unforeseen overspends. We’re experts at estimating construction costs. We can review your architectural plans and give you a line by line estimate of the costs of building your new house, how much it will cost to renovate your home or your house extension cost. If you then find you need to adapt your designs to match your budget, we can also advise you on how best to stretch your budget and so control your building costs.

Once you have reached the stage of looking for a builder, we can then manage the tender process on your behalf. Carrying out a professional tender process is critical to controlling your construction budget. Selecting the right builders to approach, briefing them comprehensively, and ensuring that every element is detailed upfront ensures you get the most competitive prices. It also means the building quotations are easy to compare and puts you in the best position to negotiate further and ensure that you get the best value for money. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not use a limited roster of building companies. Instead we are constantly on the lookout for new high quality construction companies and encourage our clients to do likewise, to ensure we always use the best, local contractors. This keeps prices competitive for our clients and ensures we remain entirely impartial throughout the tender process and beyond. Additionally, we never take commission from builders meaning you can be sure you will always pay the lowest possible prices.


Successful projects need skilful energy consultancy.

Building methodologies and renewables technologies are developing at a fast pace. The huge choice of new systems and the importance of integrating them with your existing building infrastructure means it is a specialist task. In addition, the ever-changing nature of the grants and tariffs paid by the government make selecting the best way forward extremely complicated.

Getting the most up-to-date professional advice is critical to ensure that you choose and invest your money wisely. But often the only advice available is either very general in nature or is generated by the very companies who wish to sell you their systems!

CLPM can support you and give you all the information you need to make the right decision for your individual situation. Our highly qualified sustainability expert has over 20 years of industry experience and can answer all your sustainable construction, energy efficient heating or renewable questions. We can advise on the right system and help you save on the future running costs by ensuring that your new build, renovated or extended home is designed and constructed to be as energy efficient as possible.

And as we do not sell or install any system, nor take any commission from any manufacturer or installer, you can be sure that we are wholly independent in our recommendations.

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At CLPM we always aim to deliver a bespoke service, tailored to the individual situation of our clients. If you are looking for a construction project manager or are in need of advice and support with a building project we’d welcome the opportunity to have a chat.

Call 01923 896550, fill out a contact form or email info@cl-pm.com to find out more.

CLPM Project Managers cover London, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and West Sussex. Energy Consultancy and Cost Advice services available across the UK.